I am a twenty something pastors wife and mama to three little ones, who are all 18 months apart. I live in Oceanside, CA and spend my days in the trenches of motherhood, ministry and entrepreneurship. Food is my love language, learning is my jam (I'm the weirdo who actually loved school), and you could sum up my life by saying it is one beautiful, chaotic journey. 

I grew up in the mountains of Northern California in a small (when I say small I mean tiny...as in 700 people and no stop lights tiny) farming community. My parents own their own business growing, buying and selling hay on their 4000+ acre ranch. I graduated high school when I was 16 and have lived in Southern California ever since.

I was brought to Southern California to play softball at Concordia University in Irvine California...or at least thats what I thought. It was on the gym floor at Concordia where Christopher and I were forced to meet by our friends (more on that later). By the spring of 2013 when I graduated I had two rings on my hand, a Softball National Championship ring and an engagement ring...oh and also my degree in Biology Pre Med.  



Christopher and I got married when I was 19 years old on June 15, 2013 and moved into our first one bedroom condo in North County San Diego where Christopher works as a pastor at a mega church. Six months later we were pregnant with our first son, Peyton. We moved into a two bedroom town home when I was pregnant and nine months after Peyton was born we were pregnant again with our beautiful daughter, Harper. 

During this time I graduated from a one year online certification program to become a Holistic Health Coach and I launched my own business helping other people achieve physical and financial health. Helping other people became my passion and is still what I do as my "work" outside of being a mama. After Harper was born we knew we wanted more babies but decided we wanted to have just a little more space in between her and the next one. When Harper was nine months old we got back from a vacation in Cabo with our family and my heightened sense of smell and sudden, intense nausea led us to take a pregnancy test. Our plans of waiting were replaced with us having another beautiful baby boy, Brady, just 18 months after Harper was born. To have more space for all the babies we bought our forever home two minutes away from church and it has been nothing short of amazing. 

So as you can see life has been busy and we've got our hands full but our hearts are even fuller. We've learned to fall in love with the chaos and we stay afloat with the help of Jesus, superfoods and our incredible village of support. With all that said, take a look around, stay as long as you'd like, and by all means reach out because I want this space to become a community where we uplift and encourage one another to step into the unique purpose God has for us!

xoxo Paige

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