Swap This For That: Dryer Sheets

wool dryer balls

I remember reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy when I was a sophomore in high school and my mind was blown! The entire book was teaching more on the concept of how small actions every day compound over time to create big results. I'm so glad I read that book at such a young age because I think it has contributed to a lot of the success I have had in different areas of my life! It has allowed me to tackle big goals with small steps and it has led me to creating massive change in the areas of my life such as health, mindset and our home! 

Because I want others in my life to experience the life change they are looking for without feeling like they need to completely change their life I decided to start a series called "Swap This For That." My hope is that by swapping out a few ingredients in some recipes, products in our homes and negative mindset habits that eventually we will end up in a much healthier, more positive place in our lives!! 

To kick things off I'm diving into the area of non-toxic living and sharing all about dryer sheets! We will talk about why we should swap them out and what we can swap them out for! If you would rather read than watch feel free to scroll past the video to get all of the info! 

Item we are swapping:

Dryer Sheets

Why we are swapping the item: 

Dryer sheets are one of those common household products that most Americans use and never think twice about. As I've had more kids and my laundry load has gone through the roof I decided to research what I was using to clean and soften the sea of clothes I was always swimming in. I headed over to the Environmental Working Group website to learn more about the ingredients in dryer sheets because the ingredients aren't listed on the packaging itself (red flag #1). I was surprised to find that in the United States companies aren't required to list the ingredients in their dryer sheets. Once I started to learn more about the ingredients actually in them I learned why. Dryer sheets often contain benzyl acetate (linked to pancreatic cancer), benzyl alcohol (an upper respiratory irritant), ethanol (linked to central nervous system disorders, chloroform (a known  neurotoxin and carcinogen) and fragrance (aka hundreds of other toxic chemicals combined together to make a smell). One of those chemicals commonly found in the fragrance in dryer sheets is acetyl-adahyde, the exact stuff that comes out of the exhaust pipes in our cars!! Shocking right?! As you can see dryer sheets have many dangerous ingredients that I personally want to stay away from, especially because the ingredients rub off on the clothes that we wear every single day!! 

What can we use instead?: 

Wool dryer balls with a couple drops of essential oils are an amazing option to still have delicious smelling, non-staticky laundry without the harmful side effects. I order my wool dryer balls off of amazon (of course) and they are supposed to last for over 1000 loads! The dryer balls also cut down on dry time, making them a more efficient option as well. Every couple of loads I drop a few drops of my favorite essential oils onto the balls to leave my laundry smelling extra fresh! My favorite oils for this are purification, citrus fresh and peppermint! (For the non-toxic laundry soap I use is from Young Living as well). It can also be beneficial to add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to each rinse cycle for some extra added softness! 

I hope you've enjoyed the first edition of "Swap This For That." As always let me know if you have any questions! I'm always here to be a resource! 

xoxo Paige Hilken

wool dryer balls