How I Curl My Hair For Natural Looking Waves

how to curl your hair

I get a lot of requests for how I curl my hair so I finally decided to teach myself how to use iMovie so I could put together a tutorial for you guys!! I usually try to wash my hair at night so I don’t have to fully blow dry and curl it in the same day and if I do that this whole look takes me less than 10 minutes….and I have a lot of hair!!

Extra bonus is that the curling iron that I use, that I have been using since high school, is only $11 on Amazon! They also sell it at most Walmarts and Targets so run and grab yourself one! The video is linked below! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you end up curling your hair using my tips tag me on instagram (@paigehilken and #sheisclaimed).

Learn how to curl your hair for big, loose, natural looking curls here: