No More Junk Mail


Unless I have something coming in the mail that I know I ordered, sorting through my mail generally isn't a super enjoyable experience for me. I don't enjoy sorting through all of the junk mail and then I feel wasteful every time I have to toss all of that junk mail in the trash. I decided to bite the bullet and do some research on what it takes to opt out of all the junk mail that flows into our mailbox each week. I was surprised at the overall ease of the process. If you want to reduce the junk mail coming to your mailbox follow these steps below: 

Step One: Start to Save All Mail 

This first step sounds contradictory to what we are doing, which is trying to get rid of all junk mail but hear me out. You will want to save your mail and make a list of all of the places that are sending you junk mail so you know what you need to unsubscribe from. 

Step Two: Opt Out of Credit Card and Insurance Offers

To opt out of credit card and insurance offers you can visit this website (Opt Out Prescreen). This website is funded by Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion (the four major credit monitoring agencies) and it exists because the ability to opt out is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). All you will have to do is click opt out, enter in your personal information and you will be given a form to print and mail in to be permanently removed from their mailing lists. Remember to "opt out" all adults living in your house. 

Step Three: Cancel Your Weekly Grocery Store Ads

Some of you may enjoy getting these shopping flyers to your mailbox and if that is the case then you can skip this step. I personally never look at the ads so I wanted to make sure I stopped receiving them. To cancel these mailers look at the front and back of the publication that the other ads are held inside. The company name should be listed right on there. We receive most of our ads from Red Plum but I included two other popular companies as well below with the direct link to click, fill out your info and unsubscribe. Most of these companies allow you to view their ads online so you don't have to miss out on any savings. Keep in mind that it sometimes takes up to 5-6 weeks for these changes to become effective. 

To cancel your weekly mailers from these companies, click the relevant link below:
Cancel Red Plum (Valassis)
Cancel Penny Saver
Cancel Valpak 

Step Four: Cancel Catalog Subscriptions 

A lot of the time we receive catalogs from a company if we purchased something from that company previously, if the company we purchased from sold our name to another company or sometimes for no good reason at all. To stop receiving unwanted catalogs you can go to You will be prompted to create a log in and then you can click "cancel a catalog." This will bring you to an A-Z list of all the catalog options you can unsubscribe from with instructions on how to do so. 

If you want to prevent future catalogs from being sent to you then when you make a purchase make sure you tell the company, "Do not send me catalogs, do not share my information with others."  To do this you may have to order over the phone. 

Step Five: Cancel All Other Subscriptions

This last step will take a little more work but if you want to stop getting junk mail for the rest of your life then it will be worth it. At this point you will have to contact individual organizations and ask them to stop sending you stuff. 

Here is a sample letter you might send: 

Please remove my name and address from your mailing list.  I want to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail I receive.  (Be sure to include all variations of your name.)
Full mailing address
Signature and date

To help prevent you from getting added to someones mailing list in the future you can go to and opt out of everything. You may also want to call all of your insurance, cell phone and other providers and ask them to not send you mail. After a month or two, once all of your subscription changes have actually kicked in, start saving any junk mail that you get and use one of the steps we went through above to cancel the subscription! Hopefully soon your mailbox will be filled with only the mail you enjoy receiving! 

On another note, one of my favorite apps to opt out of junk mail to your email is Unroll Me. This platform allows you to go through the list of people and organizations you get emails from and unsubscribe with the click of a button. 

Cheers to a happy mail checking experience in the future and as always if you have any tips and tricks related to this topic please share with us all below!! 


xoxo Paige